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Schedule of Sessions

Day 1: Research and Forecasting (Tuesday, August 01 2017)

  • Welcome remarks
  • Observations and understanding of specific space weather conditions (solar & interplanetary phenomena, geospace currents and fields, energetic particles, etc.) that can be investigated using small satellites. Organizers: Robert Robinson, Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla
  • Identification of gaps in the operational space weather observing system and how to address these via the integration of small satellite - based information into general space weather modeling and forecasting infrastructure. Organizers: David Jackson, Antti Pulkkinen


Day 2: Mission Concepts (Wednesday, August 02 2017)

  • Past and ongoing small satellite missions relevant to space weather research and applications: Lessons learned. Organizers: Antonio Castro, Robert Robinson


Day 3: Future Opportunities and Smallsat Subsystems (Thursday, August 03 2017)

  • Small-satellite subsystems (propulsion, ACS, communications, power, others) necessary for the study of the full range of space weather conditions. Organizers: David Klumpar, Harlan Spence


Day 4: Access to Space & Advanced Instrumentation (Friday, August 04 2017)

  • Access to space for space weather smallsats. ISS deployment, rideshares, Venture class launch services, ELaNa, other opportunities. Organizers: Larry Kepko, James Spann
  • Closing remarks.